I am a committed 🙏visual designer with a passion for eco-social challenges 🌿.
My mission is to communicate eco-social needs and generate solutions through projects that involve people 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️ and communities.

At the moment I'm working for BeYoung, that's why I don't upload projects so often. 😅

Achtsam am Berg — Visual Identity

Together with Ökoinstitut Südtirol/Alto Adige, Achtsam am Berg project was designed with the aim of raising awareness about littering in mountain areas. As its slogan says "Respect the mountain", the project wants to help tourists understand how to behave when hiking with tips and gadgets that can be useful during the walk in nature.

The logo consists of the symbol of an "hand that holds the mountain" and represents man's task of treating nature with respect, as a precious object entrusted to him. The hand holding the mountain is a symbol of respect and care for a place that must be protected.
The pictogram is accompanied by the name in four languages:
→ Achtsam am Berg
→ Respect the mountain
→ Respetea la montes
→ Respect the mountain
The guidelines for the use of the logo are described in the logo user manual.

The visual identity was used to produce a vademecum with a focus on drinking water of South Tyrol / on waste, to produce water jugs and aluminium lunchboxes. Finally, it has been printed on various paper formats as flyers and signboards and two informative videos have been displayed on regional trains.

The project was developed in cooperation with IDM South Tyrol, the Department for Nature, Landscape and Spatial Development and the Provincial Agency for the Environment and Climate Protection.

Orchestra in miniatura — Visual Identity

For the second consecutive year, the Youth Orchestra "Orchestra Giovanile Filarmonici Friulani" asked me to take care of the visual identity of the summer season 2020. New concerts, new graphics!

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the orchestra thought to become smaller and to go directly to the families, behind their homes, in small gardens. The new summer season is characterized by smaller and more open-air contexts. The orchestra has never been so close, accessible and for everyone. Each of the concerts is narrated by an Italian actor, to accompany the music that has been adapted for smaller ensembles.

The key words: summer and simplicity. That's why the design has become so simple and minimal, colorful and summery.

Naturministerium — Ministry of Nature

Naturministerium is an awareness and education project aimed at urbanized people who suffer from a lack of contact with the natural environment in their daily lives. Naturministerium is the ministry that works for the reintroduction of Nature in daily life, to help those who suffer the hectic and stressful contemporary life.

The vision of the Naturministerium foresees actions of sensitization, education and awareness through workshops, events and creative tools that invite people who are prisoners of their urbanized daily life to find their primordial contact with Nature: their Biophilia. For instance, whenever you feel stressed or a lack of creativity, Naturministerium has the tool for you. Nature-lack emergency kit is a set of more than 50 cards containing suggestions for easy activities to be done in a small time in a natural environment.

In addition, Naturministerium offers activities as workshops, talks and social interventions. With these, participants get an overview of the topic of Nature-Deficit Disorder and through interactive and active actions they experience Nature more deeply in new ways.

Naturministerium – Ministry of Nature is an ongoing project realized as master degree project at the Master in Eco-Social Design in Bozen Bolzano, supported by Prof. Jennifer Schubert and Prof. Sabina Frei.

For more information about the project visit the website of Naturministerium and book your experience.

Paperplane Collective — Forum Theatre

Paperplane Collective is a multidisciplinary theatre team based in South Tyrol. The members, authors and actors of the collective are coming from Germany, Netherlands, South Tyrol and other regions of Italy. With their diverse backgrounds (design, art and education), we work together through participatory processes to overcome conflicts and develop tangible creative solutions. This is a feature of our performances and of the Forum Theatre formula. The basic idea derives from Augusto Boals “theatre of the oppressed”, developed in the 60s in Brazil. Boal dealt with questions related to imbalanced structures of power. He asked: How can we make oppression visible? And further: How can we enable change within? As an answer, Boal developed an interactive theatre that invites everyone to engage in problem solving processes.

Paperplane Collective was hosted by the Free University of Bolzano during the series of conferences »By Design or by Disaster« and performed in 2018 and in 2019. The Collective is permanently researching challenges in everyday life, and artistically influenced by the physical and social surroundings the members encounter.

Paperplane Collective developed a pièce in collaboration with Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen on the theme of belonging in south tyrol that will be performed on stage at the Museion in Bolzano. For the occasion, we went out in the streets of Bolzano to gather citizens' opinions and to ask them: Was ist per te il Süd Tirol heute?

For more info, say hello to the Collective.

Photo credits: Beatrice Cera and Felix Strohbach
ARKIVIO — A physical/digital archive

ARKIVIO is a work in progress that reflects on the temporariness of digital archives. The project analyses the fragility of such archives and the invisible accumulation data. The information that was preserved in an old computer, has been edited and later displayed in a series of volumes containing photos, documents, images, videos, albums and especially conversations on Windows Live Messenger. Those memories are filling the pages of six books, reconstructing part of my adolescence, from 2008 to 2011, exploring that time when I was between the ages of 15 and 18.

Up until now, only the first volume — which contains the chat conversations I had between November 2008 and May 2009 — has been printed. The next volume of ARKIVIO will contain the rest of the conversations from 2009.

The project ARKIVIO was conceived in 2017 and is the result of a long-distance collaboration with Giacomo Nanni.

Metamorphosis — Visual Identity

Metamorphosis is the title of the 2019 concert season of the Youth Orchestra "Orchestra Giovanile Filarmonici Friulani", based in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Music and culture from and for young people. With this spirit Youth Orchestra Filarmonici Friulani was born, in 2015. It is the only example of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region of musical ensemble managed, coordinated and edited by under 30 members. The orchestra involves more than 70 musicians aged between 14 and 30 years, all instrumentalists from the Region and students of the music schools of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, as well as the most prestigious Italian and foreign academies.

Change, transformation, evolution. There are many nuances that allow to translate the Greek word Metamorphosis that inspired artists, writers and poets. This was also the title chosen to represent and define the first widespread musical season of the Youth Orchestra: an idea that synthesizes both the musical journey proposed to the public and our metamorphosis as musical reality. The programme of concerts proposed has been rich and varied, touching more than six municipalities of the Region and ended in March 2020.

Nature-Deficit Disorder — Research book

Nature-deficit Disorder is the documentation of the research project I've conducted for the Master in Eco-Social design at the Free University of Bozen Bolzano.

"Nature-Deficit Disorder" is a term coined by the American author and journalist Richard Louv, that indicates the negative consequences for health and social relations as children move indoors, away from physical contact with the natural world. However, this deficit is something that is affecting not only children, but adults as well. My mission is to re–establish people’s contact with Nature and facilitate their creativity in an outdoor way in order to achieve a more sustainable and stimulant future.

Photo Credits: Stefania Zanetti

Cosa Faresti? — Progettiamo insieme gli Ex-Telefoni di Stato

A new co-working and co-living place called "DRIN" was born in the Ex-Telefoni di Stato, in Corso Italia, Bolzano an old telephone exchange building. The neighbourhood was not consulted about the development process. The focus of our work was to ask the neighbourhood and future inhabitants of DRIN about how they could contribute to and profit from the co-living and co-working situation.

Cosa Faresti? is a movable cocreation tool in the form of a cart that enabled us to discover individuals’ opinions from the neighbourhood. We designed a series of brief workshops, using the cart as a prop, to address inhabitants of Corso Italia. During these workshops people were asked to fill some questionnaires and discuss about the future of Ex-Telefoni di Stato. We displayed the results of the workshop on the cart itself, turning it into a moving exhibition.

The cart acts as a bridge between the building and the neighborhood because of its approachable and curious appearance. It displays the results immediately on the object, which then acts as an interface starting new points of conversation. Enabling participation: the Cosa Faresti? cart raises awareness by notifying people that something in the neighbourhood is happening and furthermore shows that people can have a say in this process. It can be used as a trigger for a participation process. Its aim is to generate trust among citizens and municipality, and trust is very important for cooperation.

Cosa Faresti? was designed in cooperation with Henrik de Goffau.

Nostalgia.exe — A research about Vaporwave

Nostalgia.exe is a research about Vaporwave movement that I’ve presented as bachelor final project at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. Its purpose is to talk about a subject that is not well known, as Vaporwave is still an internet movement, which was slowly becoming viral and affecting other realities. It’s not easy to find enough information about this topic in a same pubblication, that’s why Nostalgia.exe tries to deal with all the aspects of Vaporwave, from its origin to its possible future and transformation, passing through its present influences on art, tv and so on.

Nostalgia.exe is divided into two different parts: The first part is dedicated to how the subculture of Vaporwave was born, its influences, its similarities with other realities and how it slowly became an artistic movement. It also wants to answer to a question: is Vaporwave just a trend or is going to influence always more? The second part aims to give a pratical answer to this question, with a project of a Vaporwave exhibition designed for a small art gallery in Bologna. In this exhibition, called “Nostalgia”, a series of works from international artists are divided into five different rooms, all with a specific theme.

The work has been selected for Fahreneit39 exhibition (2017) in Ravenna.

Featured artists: Kidmograph // Over Glow // Yoko Honda // Aaron Campbell // Andreas Bennwik // Victor Moatti // Wave Aesthetics // Martin Watkins // Mike Diva // Kototohum // Kim Younggyu // Adam Bartlett // Matt Crump // Kaborn // Miragem23 // Felipe Pantone // Yaappssee // Casey Richardson // Noirlac // Holzperle // Cameos // MentalCrusher // Chrome Destroyer // Systaime // Virtual Plaza.

170 x 240 mm
160 pages / Italian
Printed at Graphic Line Srl, Faenza
Paper: Fedrigoni Stucco Old Mill 120 g/m2
on cover Metallic Mirri Card (Blue and Pink) 270 g/m2
February 2017
Exhibition Design

During the years I studied in Bologna I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the educational department of MAMbo in Bologna. Here I realized in collaboration with other designers the setting up of some exhibitions. In particular I focused on the visual aspect, working on the identity of the exhibitions.

At MAMbo I worked in collaboration with Nicola Benetti at the exhibition EXPERIENCE BOWIE!, a parallel and separate space during the exhibition DAVID BOWIE IS, set up specifically to allow a personal and collective reworking of the stimuli received in the exhibition, through active participation. The exhibition was an opportunity to do research and experimentation in the field of edutainment with an action aimed at children, families and adult audience.

Later on I also collaborated with MAMbo's educational department to realize the visual communication of another participative and interactive space during the exhibition Revolutija.

Finally, Ritorno al futuro? was an occasion to explore the world of Outdoors Education. The initiative was promoted by Istituzione Bologna Musei and Area Educazione, Istruzione e Nuove Generazioni of the Municipality of Bologna in collaboration with Fondazione Villa Ghigi and University of Bologna.

I Portici di Bologna — Patrimonio UNESCO visual identity

The logo and the visual identity that has been chosen to represent the candidacy of Bologna’s Porticoes as UNESCO World Heritage.
The visual identity focuses on the idea of communication between people that walk under porticoes, the city and porticoes themselves. As a matter of fact they’re not just the longest network of roofed arcades that extends for almost 40 km, but also the place where citizens and students from all the world communicate and spend a lot of time.

The logo and visual identity has been designed with the collaboration of Jessica Bottaro.