An archive of messages that I received and that were funny or cool between people and me.

Ciao mi puoi dire in circa quando avrai le modifiche pronte oggi?

Ciao, devo ancora iniziare....

Saturday im working but will probably close early because of riots

haha true they told me dutch people cannot stand the rules haha

Yeah but mainly people are bored

so they destroy the shops? GG

comunque cosa ne pensi - da buon romagnolo - del tradurre "piadina" con "italian burrito" ? lo faccio da anni coi miei amici olandesi

È terribile

parliamone is your cavallo di battaglia


Oh god, when is gonna be my turn to have a friend that has covid? 😂

This virus broked the balls

From next week on i'll become a helper in a corona test street 😂

These places you can go with your car/bike and get tested, have to check people's id's and say that they don't have to be afraid and keep 1,5 meter distance.


Ciao Ang, sei riuscita a fare le foto l'altro giorno al pubblico? :)

Praticamente nulla, erano troppo assembrati 😬

First and only song for now in the southtyrolian radio: eros rammmaazzoootttiiii

And xxxxxxx, trying to beat me in hairgrowing. I give up, he will be the winner soon

And yes xxxxxxx's haircut gets worse and worse - is somebody ever telling him?

Vez ho sognato carri d'assedio

when I was addicted to watching age of empires matches a lot of players where doing that

Good night! I'll definitely dream of trebuchets now

Bon mettiamo online.
che se aspetti tanto poi mi scoccio

Eh man non sono a casa